My Fees

Since most of my customers are Church members or neighbors in the local neighborhood, and many are elderly on fixed incomes, I am keeping my fees as low as possible.  

  • Labor charges: Flat Rate $50.00 does not include Price of Parts.
    • Home or business visit within a 20 mile radius has a $25.00 trip charge.
    • Cleaning PC of  virus or malware (spyware). If possible to clean.
    • Hard drive cleaning or disposal.  Re-write the hard drive with data to remove all personal data.
    • Repairs such as replacing bad power supply changing out the CPU fan and other minor parts.
    • General PC Preventive Maintenance. A major cause of trouble in all desktop computers is dirt yearly. My PM consist of opening the pc, vacuuming the inside to remove all dirt and dust buildup , resetting all cards to clean the contacts and ensuring that all fans are clean and running correctly. (a slow fan can cause the processor chip to overheat, causing intermitting problems.) It also includes, checking the pc to make sure it has all the latest security patches for the current Operating System installed, checking that the current anti-virus program has up to-date virus definitions, running a registry clean up program and running a hard drive defrag.
    • Re-install the Windows Operating System (customer must provide the Windows install CD). This includes installing all security patches for the OS.
  • Building a web page, please see Web Site Development.