PC Cleanup

A lot of desktop PC problems are caused by dirt and dust buildup inside the PC. All desktop PC's need to have an annual cleaning. A CPU fan slowing, or a processor over heating due to dust build up, will cause intermitting problems that are hard to explain. I have even seen a fire started by the dust build up inside a PC.

My-PCConsultant PC Cleanup consist of opening the PC, vacuuming the inside to remove all dirt and dust buildup and ensure that all fans are clean and running correctly. It also includes, checking the PC to make sure it has all the latest security patches for the current Operating System installed, checking that the current anti-virus program has up to-date virus definitions, and run a registry clean up program.

I will also install a new HOST file (with your OK) to help make your PC more secure from known insecure websites and block a lot of the unwanted ads. I can also switch your DNS server from your ISP DNS server to a faster and more secure DNS server (again with your OK).

See My-Fees for cost of this PC Cleanup Service. Don't get caught in a bind, have your pc serviced now.

Pictures of a pc that was intermittently rebooting that I recently serviced.
dirt and dust dirt and dust